The Retreat Center welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds, all religious traditions and spiritual quests, including skeptics, questioners and dreamers. Falls, sluices, still ponds and rushing streams all feed into Tigg’s Pond and provide hours of contemplation and wonderment for the hiker and meditator.Tigg’s Pond is the center of activity and repose for our retreat visitors, in summer and winter.Acres of Mountain Laurel and rhododendron bloom on the hillsides in spring, along with rare wildflowers and a host of local and migrating birds.

Welcome to a place of Peace


It’s getting harder to find a place of stillness and beauty where you can spend prayerful time with God and yourself. Whatever your spiritual tradition, there are times when you need uninterrupted solitude and privacy to discern your path, reevaluate your priorities and recapture your joy for life.

Tigg’s Pond Retreat Center is such a place of peace – a place to relax and breathe deeply, to listen to your own feelings and dreams. It’s a place to find your balance, sort out your problems and hone your awareness of the spirit inside of you. Whether you come for a few hours or the whole day, you’ll find that a visit here soothes your body and nurtures your soul. It’s time away without having to go very far.

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There are 54 acres of woods and landscaped grounds at the Tigg’s Pond Retreat Center, plenty of room for both gatherings and solitude, for long walks and restful perches. There is room for quiet conversation and the refreshment of a swim in the pond. There is time and space for labyrinth walking, gardening, journaling and meditating.

Maybe you want to look through the spirituality books in the Chapel area of the Event Barn, or spend some time in prayer on the wrap around porch, at the dock or in the Chapel. However you choose to make yourself available to God, you will find room for that meeting and ways to make yourself open to that grace.

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